Wednesday, June 21, 2006

That's gonna leave a mark

A while back, University of Alabama linebacker Juwan Simpson was arrested on drug charges, as well as possession of stolen property and possession of a handgun without a permit. The gun charges are still pending, but the drug charges are going to be expunged if Simpson completes a drug court program. (Which will make him expunge-worthy. Rimshot.)

Neal McCready of the Mobile Press-Register says that's not a surprise.
So, Juwan Simpson's penalty for possession of marijuana is a little time in "drug court," followed by the expunging of the charge from his record once he completes the program.

Why am I not surprised?

That resolution, reached Tuesday in Bessemer in front of Jefferson County State District Court Judge Eric Fancher, likely clears the way for the Alabama senior linebacker to play football for the Crimson Tide this season, if indeed that was ever in doubt. After all, that's what's most important, right?

McCready isn't really down on UA, just the state of college athletics in general. He told a Birmingham radio station that the same thing would have happened at Auburn, Tennessee, or any other major program. And I think it's right. College football is so important, and such a rat's nest of intertwined, selfseeking threads, that the term "student-athlete" is as accurate as "pork and beans."

Stuff like this makes it easier and easier for me not to care about college sports. I'll go cover some small college games, because they're a little bit closer to reality (and because I get paid to), but don't expect me to sit and watch for fun. Because the fun left a long time ago. When the NCAA can get a pulsing mad-on for one school and come down on them like they were stomping puppies in front of an orphanage, and see worse infractions at another school and barely give them a tsk-ing, wellsir, it's time to watch a sport that makes more sense. Like 'rassling.


Blogger Adjoran said...

This is not a college thing; it's a cultural thing.

Now, major college programs have long been known to fix a grade or two for a big ol' lineman, but in the old days, they drew the line at criminal behavior. It was, well, criminal.

Nowadays society at large doesn't put so much emphasis on "keep[ing] a clean nose, avoid[ing] the plainclothes," and neither does good ol' State U.

Hey, at least no one can say pot is "performance enhancing," unless it's performance at munching Cheetos. Major League Baseball has spent several years celebrating the "achievements" of steroid-cheating freaks o' nature as if they compared to the historic figures who put up the legit records.

I pretty much gave up any illusions about integrity in college sports when UVA found a way to let Olden Polynice stay in school after submitting another student's term paper as his own work. Olden obliged the gods of such things by stealing a pair of headphones on surveillance video a few months later, but there was no further need to talk about "Honor."

7:38 PM  
Blogger Jim Dunn said...

Hear, hear. Nicely put, and I agree with every point made.

And congratulations on being my very first commenter! You win everything in the Prize Vault! At least, you would have won everything in the Prize Vault, if I had a Prize Vault. As it is, you win my undying appreciation. So you got that going for you, which is nice.

Seriously, thanks.

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